the Home

“Caninea Home is a small house located in Bekasi, Indonesia. Built in 2013 and renovated for the first time in 2017, this home is our place for living and loving. It’s a place where we learn something by doing, where we make mistakes and try again, improve our sense of creativity, and also our playground. I decide to write this blog as my family journal and tend to share things such as decoration and design ideas, fun projects, recipes of our favorite comfort food and maybe some random thoughts. Thank you for reading! I really hope that you’ll find it useful 😊.”




the Family

The wife, Fina, has worked in architecture field for 4 years, before gave birth to his son and decided to quit her job. She always has a crush with interior design and pretty much everything that lovely. Home for her is a space where she can create things and a place where she can always be herself.


The baby, Azka, was born in 2014 and (so far) always interested with all about solar system and the one and only incy wincy spider song. He loves to draw and make things (usually from playdoh or lego) based on his current favorite theme. Home for him is a place where he can forever jumping on the bed and always get a lot of kisses, hugs, and tickles.


The husband, Yopi, works in automotive industry as an architect for its showroom constructions. He has a good imagination and likes to express it in doodles or digital drawings. Home for him is a place where he prefer to start and end his day, where he can relax and find comfort anytime and where he often spends his time playing with his son, making some imaginary-lego-creatures.


Like you and your family, they are also a home for each other ❤